Macadam Forbes Welcomes Zach Reichle

Get to know Zach Reichle, who joined our team in January.
Where were you born/raised?

Born and raised in Wilsonville, Oregon. My parents still live in my childhood home.

Why commercial real estate?

I received my undergrad degree from Oregon State University in Business Information Systems and my MBA in Supply Chain & Logistics Management. I knew I wanted to be able to apply my knowledge of those industries in a meaningful way. The appeal of commercial real estate drew me in due to the ability to build relationships with like-minded and successful business owners while creating a pathway for my own success.

Before commercial real estate, what were you doing?

Before commercial real estate, I was an athlete. I played basketball at Oregon State University for four years and had many opportunities to play overseas once I graduated, although I knew I was ready to have a change in my life and try something different. The hours and dedication to being a collegiate athlete are like having a career, and much like being a member of a basketball team, I truly enjoy and love the people I work with at Macadam Forbes.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received and from whom?

I have received a lot of great advice from amazing people throughout my life, there are so many that could take the cake. One that stands out is something my dad has told me my entire life: "Always be humble and hungry.” For me, it means to stay grounded and confident in yourself and never be cocky. Never become complacent because there is always someone striving to be in same the position you are. This has stuck with me because I want to be the best at whatever do and if I become complacent, the competition will catch up to me. There's always room for improvement and the moment you think you have made it, that is the moment you start falling behind.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Luckily, basketball wasn't the only thing I did growing up. My family was very good at encouraging me to do other activities because the ball stops bouncing for everyone at some point in their life. I love being outside to water-ski, surf, hydrofoil, swim, hike, snow-ski, hunt, and hang out with friends. I still play a lot of basketball, but not nearly as much as I did in college.